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Customer Reactions – New features in vSphere 6

By on February 5, 2015

As you probably (or certainly) would have noticed by now, is that VMware have finally released their newest version of vSphere, version 6. A bunch of new features and also tons of blogs going through the major and minor ones, so I will not going into that much further details.

What I did was to face a few customers of mine with some of the new features, to see their reactions and to get a grasp of what’s the most attractive ones from a customer perspective.

In short, I presented them with the following ones:

  • Virtual Volumes (VVols)
  • vSMP Fault Tolerance
  • Instant Clone
  • Long Distance / Enhanced vMotion
  • Web Client Improvements
  • Content Library

VVols is a feature that has been known for quite a while and didn’t come as a surprise to many. They sort of: “We’ve been waiting for this!”

What really surprised a lot was the Instant Clone feature, which they didn’t expect at all, and enlightened a lot of them with a bunch of use cases, specially for those customers having VDI running environments.

The same goes for Long Distance vMotion. A feature most of the customers thought of as just a “live migration” thing! Well, they don’t see it that way anymore. All of a sudden vMotion can offer a lot more, especially with certain DR cases.

For the next two features I got this “FINALLY!” reaction slammed at my face. vSMP Fault Tolerance with the 4vCPU and 64GB support has certainly been long awaited by many of my customers and also Web Client Improvements with much better responsiveness and faster logins, and even a “Hurray!” for the Recent Tasks pane now being placed at the bottom of the screen.

The last feature, Content Library, was actually received very well. A nice feature, that most of the customers hadn’t really thought of earlier.

So that summarizes some of the reactions on a few of the new vSphere 6 features, Oh… I forgot to mention to them that vSphere 6 isn’t available until the end of March, I just got this “I don’t see the 6.0 version at vmware.com?” email.. Doh! 🙂

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