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VMware Product Acronyms

By on February 21, 2015

As VMware released the vRealize Suite, some naming conventions where introduced as well. Some of the existing products in the “vSphere-world” got renamed, and some new products came to the market. What I’ve experienced, working as a consultant, is that my customers just don’t follow along anymore when I introduce them to these new acronyms, while still talking about familiar products.

I therefor took my time to summarize some of the most famous products from VMware out there (and some of the less familiar ones), with corresponding acronyms.

And do remember, this is a *product* list, not a feature list. So you will not find acronyms for High Availability, Fault Tolerance or Distributed Resource Scheduler.

Datacenter & Cloud Infrastructure Acronym
vCenter Server vCS
vCenter Server Appliance vCSA
vCenter Update Manager VUM
vCenter Site Recovery Manager SRM
vSphere Replication VR
vSphere Data Protection VDP
vSphere Data Protection Advanced VDPA
vSphere with Operations Management vSOM
vSphere Big Data Extensions BDE
vSphere Storage Appliance VSA
vSphere Management Assistant vMA
vCloud Director vCD
vCloud Connector vCC
VMware Data Recovery vDR
VMware Virtual SAN VSAN
VMware EVO:RAIL n/a
VMware EVO:RACK n/a
Infrastructure & Operations Management Acronym
vRealize Automation vRA
vRealize Business vRB
vRealize Code Stream vRCS
vRealize Operations Manager vROps
vRealize Operations Insight vROI
vRealize Orchestrator vRO
vRealize Hyperic vRH
vRealize Configuration Manager vCM
vRealize Log Insight vRLI
vRealize Application Services vRAS
vRealize Air Compliance vRAC
vCenter Infrastructure Navigator VIN
vCenter Site Recovery Manager SRM
vCenter Converter Standalone n/a
vCloud Air vCA
VMware Integrated OpenStack VIO
Networking & Security Acronym
VMware NSX for vSphere NSX
vCloud Networking and Security vCNS
IT Business Management Acronym
vCenter Chargeback Manager CBM
VMware Service Manager VSM
Desktop & End-User Computing
In the EUC portfolio, there doesn’t exist any acronyms (as far as I know). VMware have standardized their product-line based on the Horizon Suite, with products like; View, Workspace, Mirage, Flex and DaaS instead

Please give me feedback, as I probably and most likely have forgotten some products, or if I have misspelled some of them.

And also, don’t forget to share 🙂

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