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PernixData FVP Interactive Demo Guide

By on April 26, 2015

As a consultant, a demo environment is quite essential, when you want to demonstrate solutions to customers or your own colleagues. PernixData recently released their own online demo environment, which you can easily use for 1 hour. Perfect when you want to quickly browse through the looks of FVP, and show some graphs, when you’re doing presentations etc.

The first step you need to do is to visit this webpage:

Then you simply hit the “Generate Credentials” button, which will give you a username and password, to access a live environment for 1 hour.

Once you’re logged in to the web-client, you’re presented with the following 3 clusters:



As you can see, there are 3 different clusters to choose from. One with SSD’s, one with PCI-E’s and one with RAM as acceleration source.



The SSD cluster consist of two SSD’s (an Intel DC S3700 and a Kingston E100), one in each ESXi host. Once you take a look at the performance graph for this cluster, it shows a nice accelerated “VM Observed” graph:



Below 2ms on a couple of SSD’s is decent. Let’s check out the PCI-E cluster.



A Micron P320h and an Intel P3600 is what’s used as acceleration media’s in this cluster. Now let’s have a look at the performance graph:



You can easily notice the consistent low latency on the “VM Observed” graph, which in general is located aroung 1ms.
The last cluster uses RAM as an acceleration source (“DFTM-Z” cluster):



Taking a quick look at the “Manage” tab, you can see that they’ve used 32GB of RAM from each host. Let’s head over to the FVP “Performance” tab:



Now how about that for a show off? 🙂 Consistently sub-millisecond latency on the VM, while the Datastore periodically grows to 50ms.

As you can see, this nice little live-demo environment can be pretty useful. You can use it yourself to get more comfortable when playing around with the FVP software, or you can use the environment to show your customers/clients in your presentations.

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