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What do you bring 2017?

By on December 26, 2016

I bet there’ll be enough “predictions for 2017” blogposts, so this post will avoid those kind of stuff and try to make it a more personal one to keep myself sharp for the upcoming year.

Here is my plan for 2017:


Dare to go beyond the status quo

So I guess 2017 will be the year to dare to go beyond status quo. One tend to seek the opportunities for contribution. Changes will happen because of this. I cannot share more on this topic as of now unfortunately.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln


Get VCIX-NV/DCV certified

I’ve been studying towards the VCIX-NV for a while and my plan is to try and sit this some time before the summer. I need to pass the VCP6-NV first, but I don’t want this to be my personal certification goal this year. It may be slightly optimistic to get time to sit both the VCIX-NV and DCV (as well as VCP6-NV), but who knows?


VMUG Norway and beyond

If we could get the VMUG Norway attendance numbers up with 10-20 pr event this year, I’m happy with the progress. There is still a need for more customer cases to be presented at the events, and hopefully people find their need for contribution this year. I also would really like to be able to attend (and perhaps contribute?) the Nordic VMUG event in 2017, which usually takes place in November in Denmark.


Refreshing vVadster.net

For those following me on Twitter, have probably noticed some of my outbursts regarding the amount of work I’ve done in 2016. The consequences affected my time and ability to put down the necessary work on vVadster.net and creating a certain amount of posts. So hopefully I’ll be able to share a few posts with you guys this year. As this post is meant to be a way to keep me sharp for 2017, I guess I should set a more concrete target… How about 10 for a start?



One of the most interesting (and new) topics that appeared in 2016, was the joint partnership between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware, commonly known as VMware Cloud on AWS or just VMwareOnAWS. I can see a lot of benefits knowing the AWS framework and the solutions they offer, in combination with different VMware products, when designing customer environments in the years to come. I’ve done some stuff for customers in AWS earlier, but I want do more this year, and hopefully have time to try and pass the AWS CSA-A exam as well.


I guess that’s a wrap for my 2017 plans. Changes can certainly happen, but I’ll try and do a midway through follow-up in July and in December.

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