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New year – New opportunities

By on January 16, 2017

This year I followed the example of my good friend Christian Mohn and created my “Plan for 2017” which you can read here. As you may noticed in that blogpost, I wanted to dare to go beyond the status quo this year.

Working in IT has thought myself some great lessons over the past few years. Not only is the tech itself evolving in a pace which haven’t been seen before. You also see a great change in the business market as well. Startup companies with new and interesting tech are created hourly (at least that what it seems like to me), and smaller companies are really fighting for their place against the bigger players.

I started my career as an IT-Admin for a PR Agency in Norway called Geelmuyden.Kiese. Back in September 16″ the owner of this firm, Hans Geelmuyden, stated the following:

In the future it’s not the largest ones who’ll eat the smaller ones, it’s the fastest ones who’ll eat the slower ones.

Taking that quote into IT perspective, I believe that future is NOW!

By 1st of March I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining Proact as a Senior Consultant. I’m really looking forward to work along side a great striking force in IT, with clear focus on bringing SDDC and Hybrid Cloud further into the Norwegian market. And I’m super excited to work with some great colleagues here in Norway, Denmark and in the rest of Europe.

Opportunities like this doesn’t come along often, and I know that it will challenge me in so many new and interesting ways. I’m humble to take on this role, with great expectations and, as always, a lot of fun!

Come on guys, let’s GO! #TeamProact


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