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NSX Networking & Security section missing in vSphere Web Client

By on February 5, 2017

As I was trying to install the newest version of NSX (6.3.0) in my vSphere 6.5a lab, I came across an earlier problem than first expected. I had installed and configured the NSX Manager appliance and paired it with the PSC and VCSA, but I wasn’t able to see the NSX Networking & Security section in the vSphere Web Client.

This far I’d only used the default administrator@vsphere.local user throughout my lab environment, so user/permission problems was ruled out. I also checked basic configurations for DNS, NTP etc. Everything seemed fine. Then I came across the following KB: 2126701, stating the following workaround:

vCenter Server 6.x. (VCVA)

  1. Log in to VCVA as root. 
  2. Navigate to the NSX plug-in download section described in the Log Location section. 
  3. Remove com.vmware.vshield.*. 
  4. Remove com.vmware.ciscom.vmware.vShieldManager.zip under /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/cmCatalog/. 
  5. Restart the Web client UI and log in.

I followed the steps in the article:

Once I logged back in to the vSphere Web Client, everything was working fine and the NSX Networking & Security section was shown as expected.

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