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Re-post: What’s coming for vSphere

By on November 25, 2014

After last week, with 3 very successful VMUG’s in UK, Denmark and Belgium, Duncan Epping decided to share his deck on “What is coming for VMware vSphere?”.

You can check it out here:
What is coming for VMware vSphere?

This deck is primarily based on a previous blog-post, which he summarized some of the new features in vSphere 6.0 and VSAN, and also a collection of reveals from VMworld 2014. You can find his blog-post here:
What is coming for vSphere and VSAN? VMworld reveals…

Atea Community 2014 – Telenor Arena (Norwegian readers)

By on October 26, 2014


Torsdag 6.november kommer årets Atea Community 2014 til Oslo og Telenor Arena.

Atea har som vanlig med seg alle sine partnere, hvor bl.a. følgende stiller med egen stand:

LOGO1EMC-logo     cisco logo

ms logohp logo    ibm logo

Dersom du ønsker å holde deg faglig oppdatert eller få med deg siste nytt, så sørg for å melde deg på:

Påmelding Atea Community 2014

VMware stiller også med egen Hands-on-Lab, hvor man får mulighet til å teste ut vCloud Air (tidligere vCloud Hybrid Service).

Jeg vil være ansvarlig for lab-en sammen med VMware, så det er bare å stikke innom og slå av en prat mens du leker deg med live-migrering av VM-er mellom lokalt datacenter og ut i VMware’s skyløsning.

PernixData FVP 2.0 is available for download

By on October 8, 2014


You can now officially download the latest version of PernixData FVP 2.0.

In the new release FVP provides you the following new capabilities:

Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory (DFTM): Which, in short, gives you the ability to use RAM for Read and Write acceleration.

Adaptive Network Compression: Data compression when using “Write-back” mode (specially in 1Gb environments), to reduce latency and consumed bandwidth.

User Defined Fault Domains: The ability to configure exactly where you want your replicas to be spread within your environment.

NFS Support: Support for NFS datastores. As simple as that.

More information and technical deep-dive can be found on Frank Denneman’s site:

What’s new in PernixData FVP 2.0 – User Defined Fault Domains
What’s new in PernixData FVP 2.0 – Distributed Fault Tolerant Memory
What’s new in PernixData FVP 2.0 – Adaptive network compression

PowerActions for vSphere Web Client

By on October 6, 2014

A couple of weeks ago VMware released a new fling called “PowerActions for vSphere Web Client”. What it does, is to integrate PowerCLI, which means that you can now run PowerCLi/PowerShell scripts directly from the Web Client.











All you need is a server where you install the PowerCLI version that matches your current VMware vSphere version. Then you run the PowerActions executable, and you’re good to go.

The fling can be downloaded here: PowerActions for vSphere Web Client

More information can be found on : VMware PowerCLI Blog

Welcome to vVadster.net!

By on September 18, 2014

Welcome to my personal blog, where I will post articles that are primarily focused towards virtualization. Most of the posts will be on different VMware-solutions, and also typical third-party vendors that are very well integrated into VMware’s ecosystem.

There exists a lot of information and blogs out there, but I will share my own experience and thoughts around the technologies that exists and give you some relevant guidance towards the “hot-topics” that will be provided to us in the future as well.

Please leave a comment if you have ideas or topics you would like to be discussed, and I will try as best as I can to share a post with you.